AVİS Pharmacy

The AVİS Medical Markets Network is actively engaged in the retail pharmaceutical sector, directly catering to the needs of customers. Our company places a strong emphasis on quality products and services and primarily operates in four key areas: Pharmacy, Medical Market, Optics, and Hearing Center. One of the contributing factors to our success as the AVIS Medical Markets Network is our primary focus on the pharmaceutical sector. As a company encompassing Optician services, Medical markets, Pharmacies, and Hearing centers, we are dedicated to advancing into the future while upholding reliability and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our journey is guided by experienced specialists in these domains. The AVIS Medical Markets Network consistently strives to offer customers high-quality medications that adhere to state standards. Given that our primary focus is human health, we are extremely diligent and attentive in our approach. In our stores, we make an effort to showcase a comprehensive range of products that cater to the wants and needs of our customers, encompassing items readily available in the Azerbaijani market.

Work Hours
  • Mo 10:00 22:00
  • Tu 10:00 22:00
  • We 10:00 22:00
  • Th 10:00 22:00
  • Fr 10:00 22:00
  • Sa 10:00 22:00
  • Su 10:00 22:00
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